Bob Woodruff Park Launch Site
The Bob Woodruff launch site is located in Bob Woodruff Park in Plano, Texas. This site is the only site in Plano where rockets may be legally flown. The following rules apply:

The site is limited to model rocket flights only with total impulse not to exceed "D".

Rocket weight must not exceed 16 ounces.

Rockets can be flown only with a written permit from the Plano Parks Department. DARS sanctioned launches at the park are under the permit held by the DARS President. Individuals who wish to launch at times other than DARS sanctioned launches must obtain a permit from the Plano Parks Department in their own name.

NAR Low Power Rocketry Safety Code rules will be in effect at all launches held at this site.

Launches will be free of charge to all flyers and open to any member of the general public who is willing to abide by all rules and regulations required by both the Plano Parks Department and NAR.

Directions to the field:

From Dallas, heading north on Central Expressway:

Turn east on Park and go to Shiloh.

Turn right on Shiloh and go to 18th Street.

Turn left on 18th.

Bob Woodruff park, south field area (dark block on the map), adjacent to East 18th Street.

All vehicles must park in the designated paved parking lot adjacent to East 18th Street.
PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY: By attending launches at this site, you understand that you may be photographed by the club or by individuals not affilitated with the club, and you agree that you have no objections to being photographed. The club posts pictures of launches on its website. If you have an objection to appearing in a picture that was posted, please contact the webmaster to request its removal. The club has no control or authority over individuals not affiliated with the club or the pictures they take.