Photos from Heart of Texas, McGregor Texas, June 2001

Beth Sapp Level 2

Beth Sapp with her level 2 AMRAAM


Bryan Nelson Level 2

Bryan Nelson with his L2 certification rocket 'Odlid'


Charles Barnett Level 3

Charlie Barnett prior to his SUCCESSFUL NAR L3 certification


DG&A's Tent

DG&A's tent at H.O.T...Nice Rockets!


Larger 'L' Flight

One of the larger 'L' flights on Sunday


Marlin Y2K

Y2K ready to fly on L 'something'


McGregor from Above

A View from Above


Premature Ejection

Premature Ejection


Flame Out

Scott demonstrates not all flights that begin well end well

Video by Buzz McDermott, (3.0M)