The DARS Fall Classic 8

October 20, 2012   Frisco, Texas


DARS salutes the rockets of

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The Fall Classic is The Dallas Area Rocket Society’s annual contest that is part air show, museum visit, and science lesson all rolled into one!  The contests are simple and fun... The rockets are classic and cool.  Did we mention that there are prizes? 

This year’s feature event will focus on the rockets of NASA, past and present.   Anything from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo, to Jupiters, Deltas, Titans, and many more. 

All of this can be found just off Preston Road, down Pather Creek, on October 20, 2012 from 10am to 4pm.  If you are new to the event, please take a look around and be sure to check out the articles and pictures from past events at the bottom of the page.


What’s New?


-    Back by popular demand are tee shirts!  If you missed them the first time, this is your last chance to get your piece of FC2012 paraphernalia.  I am now taking orders through the end of the event for shirts, to be delivered after the event,,, like in November.  I will aslo take orders on the field the day of the event.  Due to the expected lower volume on this run, shirts will be $2 more per shirt than advertised below.  Use the links in the 9/16 What’s New post for contact information and the graphics on the shirts.  Pre-payment is very much preferred on this run.

-    Our sponsor, Sirius Rocketry. has provided 10% discount coupons that I will have available at the event.  They will be on the tables near the prizes for pick up.  Please use these as they are way for Sirius to determine if sponsoring The Fall Classic actually benefits his business.  Our sponsors make the prize distribution possible every year.

-    Here is the schedue for this year’s event

8:30 -9:00

Arrive and set up


Launching begins


Begin contest registration


1st Young Rocketeers Drawing


2ndYoung Rocketeers Drawing


Polls Open - Voting Begins


3rd Young Rocketeers Drawing


4th Young Rocketeers Drawing


Polls Close


Final flights for points must be complete


5th Young Rocketeers Drawing


Winners Announced/Prizes Awarded


Tear Down/Pack up



-    Shirt orders are now closed

-    Looks like NSL 2012 took a page out of NSL 2006 with a Classic Rocket contest.  It looks like the same catagories that ran at our NSL in the formative years of The Classic.  Check it out in the recent Sport Rocketry under Day 2.   And if you want to stroll down memory lane check out the links under 2006 NSL at the bottom of this page.



-    Tee Shirts – Designs are finalized.  The front will look like this with the picture in the upper right quadrant of the shirt, and the back will look like this.  Shirt prices are the same as last year $17 for youth and adult sizes up to XXL.  $19 for XXXL and up.  Pre-payment is preferred, but I will work with you.  I can take PayPal.  Contact me with size and quantity requirements first, here.

-    Please do read the rules/guidelines this year.  There are new events and some come with a few requirements.

This Year’s Event Sponsors








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This Year’s Event Line Up
(for all event details, please see the guidelines/rules document below)

The Classic Classic
Rockets qualify for this category if the original design of this rocket was introduced in the 60s, 70s, or 80s.  This category is open to originals, clones, and re-issue versions of the rockets from these eras. can be an invaluable resource here, as they have list of all Estes and Centuri rockets made, as well as many of the catalogs they appeared in.   Rockets are judged by the public, so sometimes it pays to match the original, and sometimes not.  Bonus points apply to this category for providing year of introduction documentation, including old catalogs.  Flight points also apply as does the special rule for old pictures of the rocketeer and the rocket from the correct timeframe. 


Classic Upscale
Vendors like Estes, Q-modeling, and others have brought back a number of classic designs in jumbo sizes.  These kits are eligible to compete as well as your own scratch built versions of classic rockets.  Only flight bonus points apply for this category.

The Classic Craftsman

This year we thought we would give the NAR contest that most closely resembles The Classic a try.  This is a judged event with pretty extensive rules, and history has proven that no one reads the rules for these events anyway.  For those of you up for that challenge, this is the event for you.  This will be run under the United States Model Rocketry Sporting code event number P57 Classic Model Competition

The NASA Space Ships  

The theme event for this year will take all the Classic models of NASA rockets and line them up to complete against newer NASA vehicles in scratch build, kit, or plastic model conversion (PMC) form.  All models are eligible for flight points, but PMC models must fly and have a stable flight to be eligible.  Unstable or unflown PMC models will be disqualified from the competition.  Here are a few of the NASA designs that have compete and won in previous Classics.


Best in Show
This one is always hard fought and exciting.  This award goes to the rocket judged best in show by the voting public.   All rockets in all categories are eligible to win best in show.  


Young Rocketeers Prize Drawings

Once again this year we will be holding drawings for the young rocketeers at the launch for some great prizes.  Rocketeers 14 and under are eligible.  You must be present to win.


What’s a Classic?
Much of this is in the eye of the beholder.  Generally Classic rockets are considered to be those designs that appeared early in the hobby when everything was new and anything was possible.  That certainly includes the 60’s when Vern Estes, Lee Piester, and others created kits, motors, and components to build safe and reliable hobby rockets.  It includes the 70’s, since that is the decade where the competition between Estes and Centuri was the fiercest and other constructors began come on line.  We include the 80’s in our competition as there were still many great designs that appeared in that decade that would be a shame not to represent. 

These Classic designs continue to be popular with the old timers in the hobby that grew up with them, as well as those that came into the hobby beyond these decades.  The evidence for this shows up with events like Estes re-release of Classics like the Orbital Transport, Red Max, Scissor Wing Transport, Interceptor, and the Classic Series.  It is also shown by manufacturers like Semroc, Q-modeling, and many others that continue to fill the demand for these classic kits and parts.  The fact that the Big Bertha has been made continuously since at least 1965 (the shape appeared as the Ranger in 1962) probably says it all.


Helpful Links and Such

Guidelines/Rules for all the events (If you are going to compete, please read this)  Guidelines

Map and directions to the site Frisco Field

This year’s store flyer

Tips for building your own Classic Cloning the Classics by our departed friend James Gartrell

Three Classic must-have sites    JimZ’s Rocket Plans   Ye Olde Rocket Plans

The Hall of Fame winners of past events   The Hall of Fame


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