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New Contest Year: Planning Finished, Let's Launch!


                                                                updated 2016-Jan-10 8:30pm

The DARS Fall Classic is currently on hiatus. Check out the links at the bottom of the 2014 page to see the decade of history of the Fall Classic!

The DARS tries to hold sanctioned and fun contest multiple times each year.
We try to include some events that will flown at the NAR Annual National Contest Meet, so that serious competitors can get some practice, to perfect their techniques in those events
But we like to fly just-for-fun events too.
So if you're interested in rocketry, contact us and we'll be happy to introduce you to the hobby.
Or check out our calendar and stop by the next event.

Above is an action shot of a sport-scale SR-71 model rocket flying at a DARS launch near McGregor Texas.
Sport-Scale is one of many contest types run under the NAR 'Pinkbook' event rules.