about the DARS

What's happening in North Texas, in and around the Fort Worth - Dallas area?

to help the DARS find new Launch Sites!

Up to $300 for a Model Rocket site.

As a rocket club, we are always looking for ways to bring launches to more people. We currently have ONLY one active launch site available to the public. (our Model Rocket site in Frisco where we fly once each month.) And we would like to have additional sites in other regions of the Metroplex.

We are specifically in need of a new model rocket location.
If you have/find a site that the club agrees could be useful (see size and airspace restrictions below) AND you can get us a meeting with the land owner(s) to work out permissions,
THEN we'll give you $100 cash.

When we actually fly on the new site, you will get additional cash for the first few launches we hold there. Specifically, an additional $100 for each of the first 2 Modroc launches.
That's $300 cash for helping us activate a new Model Rocket Site.

Contact our officers to discuss our needs and your opportunity.

Site Restrictions:

The size of a Model Rocket field needs to be about 2,500ft along the normal wind axis (usually north-south around here), by about half that east-west.
A suitable High-Power site should be at least twice that size, and must have 1,500ft clearance from buildings and major roads.

In addition to size, we need to check the air-space restrictions of each potential site with the FAA. DFW and its major air routes may restrict or rule out some locations.

The bounty/reward offer for finding new high power sites is temporarily withdrawn. We have a new site north of DFW in Gunter TX. And we hope soon to activate another site south of the Metroplex.
But keep looking, sites always mature and fade away eventually.

Check out our calendar and stop by the next event.

Above is a picture of well known Texas high power rocketeer, Jim Parker, from our sister club AARG (Austin Area Rocket Group.)