DARS ModRoc Launch Site in Gunter Texas

Model Rocket Launch info for our flying site in Grayson County! (class-1 only)

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updated: 2020-08-23

In general; to reach the site from Dallas, DFW or Fort Worth; head towards Sherman.
northbound routes are Preston Rd(hw-289), Dallas North Tollroad or Central Expressway(US-75)
and east/west routes are hw-380 or hw-121; Examples below:

One: Northbound on Preston, past, Frisco, past hw-380
1) Heading Northbound on Preston, (or turn northbound onto Preston from hw-380.
2) Continue thru Posper, about 1.5 miles, 3)  and thru Celina, another 6.5 miles.
4)  then 7mi. farther north on hw-289, looking for W.Main St. in Gunter
    (about 15.5 miles total, north from hw-380)
5) Take a left onto W.Main Street and head west for about 1.1 miles.
  Follow the directions below skipping to step 6.

TWO: Northbound thru McKinney on Central(US-75): (hw-121, hw-380 or US-75 into McKinney)
1) Take northbound US-75 towards Sherman/Dennison.
2) Continue north past Melissa to exit #51 for Van Alstyne. (about 15.7 mi.)
3) Turn left onto W. Van Alstyne Parkway. Cross back under US-75,
    head west toward Gunter / The Bridges Golf Club.
4) Continue west past The Bridges development (about 7 or 8 miles),
    Van Alstyne Parkway becomes East Main Street near Gunter.
5) Continue west on W.Main street thru Gunter about 1.1 miles)(E.Main becomes W.Main at Preston)

6) Turn left (southbound) onto Westman Road. Head south on Westman about another mile to a Y-intersection.
7) Take the right hand branch of the Y onto Stiff Chapel Road.
    Head west another 1.5 miles. Past Old Scaggs School Road.
8) Find the double red farm gate on the south side of the road, we will fly in that pasture.

Remember that this is a working farm/pasture, If the gate was closed, close it after you. (Please!)

The rocket shown above is the "Gargas Paradox". It was designed by Bill Gee (member and Secretary of DARS.) The fins and black nose rocket are taken from the club logo.